Balance Disorders

Vertigo is a very common but complex clinical symptom which affects people of all ages. As we are aware it is just a symptom and the etiology can vary from simple benign peripheral inner ear vertigo to deadly tumour like vestibular schwannoma. To unwind this complex symptom and to pin point the cause, often clinicians need thorough and comprehensive test battery. Prescribing vertigo suppressant medications may give temporary relief. However it is a must to locate the root cause of this neuro-otological problem for a complete cure.

We are happy to inform you that Ascent is now associated with Neuroequilibrium, India’s largest and most advanced chain of vertigo treatment clinic. The various tests done in balance clinic in Ascent are analysed by experts comprising of ENT surgeon, neurologists and neuro otologists for in depth evaluation of the cause of vertigo and balance disorders. This helps to bring diagnostic accuracy and proper management of this complex clinical symptom.

Balance disorders affect about 15% of general population. Balance clinic is the best place to investigate the cause for a balance disorder. Our balance clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The line of treatment of vertigo is formulated and conducted as per the international standards The facilities available in our institution are PTA. VEMP, BERA, Videonystagmography, Craniocorpography, dynamic visual activity, subjective visual vertical. The data from the tests is automatically saved on the cloud and assessed by a panel of well known experts.