Otology & Neurotology

Otology and Neurotology in Kerala is a subspecialty of ENT where specially trained Best ENT surgeons and ENT physicians provide medical and surgical care to the patients with diseases that affect the ear, balance system, facial nerve disorders, temporal bone diseases and diseases of lateral skull base and head and neck.

Ascent is one of the pioneer centers in Kerala state dealing with this subspecialty of ENT. We are providing medical and surgical treatment for patients with ear infections including
chronic discharge from ears and choleostatoma. We use passive middle ear implants like TORP and PORP  made of titanium imported from USA, Germany, and Italy. We are also one of the pioneer centers for Stapes surgery in Kerala for patients suffering from hearing loss due to Otosclerosis.

We are regularly performing implant surgeries in Kerala to restore hearing including cochlear implant and bone conduction implants like BAHA.

Ascent has an advanced Balance clinic to evaluate vertigo and balance disorders. Ascent is now associated with Neuro equilibrium. India’s largest and most advanced chain of vertigo treatment clinic. The various tests done in balance clinic in Ascent are analysed by experts comprising of ENT  surgeon,ENT physicians, neurologists and neuro otologists for in depth evaluation of the cause of vertigo and balance disorders. This helps to bring diagnostic accuracy and proper management of this complex clinical symptom of vertigo and dizziness.

Our lateral skull base surgery team is performing surgeries for facial nerve paralysis and for facial nerve tumours. We also perform CP angle surgeries including functional CP angle surgeries like vestibular neurotomy for intractable vertigo in menieres disease and surgeries for trigeminal neuralgia, intractable tinitus and hemifacial spasm.

Dr.Sarafudeen PK is trained for MIRA and lateral skull base surgery under prof.Jacques Magnan,France and Prof.Mario senna ,piacenza,Italy. Ascent is one of the  few centers in the country who performe MIRA-endoscopic keyhole lateral skull base ent surgery in Kerala.