Rhinoplasty Treatment in Kerala

Rhinoplasty or Nose job is the most frequently done facial plastic surgery on nose. The aim of the surgery is to correct and reconstruct the external appearance as well as restoring the functions of nose that is breathing. Meticulous planning  and excellent surgical skills are prerequisites for good outcomes.

    Rhinoplasty changed considerably in the last decades from a standardised reduction procedure to a highly differential problem oriented procedure.
Each Rhinoplasty Surgery centre is customised for the specific anatomy & requirements of the patient undergoing surgery.
•    The surgery can be done under local or general anaesthesia.
•    The procedure can be done in late adolescence around 17years old or in extreme cases it can be done in childhood in case of traumatic situations affecting the nasal area.             
Usually the procedure takes 3-3 1/2 hrs in accordance with case & technique and requires one or two days hospitalization.

The surgery is of Two types.
1.    Closed Rhinoplasty :-  where the skin and nasal structures are intervened through the nose without external incision.
2.    External or open Rhinoplasty : - where the incision is made in the central area that separates the nostrils to expose the nasal structures. The scar usually becomes imperceptible after 15 days      

The surgery may also correct the functional nasal block due to deviation of the nasal septum in most of the cases and it is called Septorhinoplasty. sometimes in order to get the proper contour of nose, cartilage or bone from other parts of patients body are used.  Certain Implants can also be used for the same purpose. Before undergoing the surgery the patient will have to undergo various blood investigations for assessing his health status.

Photographing the nose from various angles is a pre requisite for assessing the nose and to know the long term results of surgery. Post operatively external plastic splinting of nose is done to retain the new shape for about a week, and packs are placed in the nose for one day.

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