Throat, Head and Neck Surgery Doctors

    Department of head and neck surgery at Ascent group of hospitals delivers excellence in diagnosing and treating diseases including cancers of head and neck. Our team of specialists under Head and neck oncosurgeon Dr Arshad Razi provide  medical and surgical care of highest standards for all acquired and congenital conditions of head and neck. Dr Arshad is a qualified head and neck oncosurgeon. He did his fellowship in head and neck surgical oncology from Karnataka cancer therapy and research institute Hubli .

Otolaryngology is a brand of medicine that specializes in the treatment and diagnoses of the disorder of the neck and the head. The complete name of the specialty is actually otorhinolaryngology, which includes the Greek words for nose, ear, and throat, which are exactly what these doctors specialize in . This is one of the most competitive specialties for doctors to be able to obtain a residency after medical school in the United States. These kinds of doctors have to have had completed at least five years of surgical residency. For their residency, they have to get one year of general surgical training and then four years in otolaryngology, which includes head, neck, and ear surgery. They can then choose to complete an advanced specialty in this area, and this training can last up to two more years.

So if you have a problem and need ear surgery, this is the kind of specialist that you will need to see. Because of their expertise, they will be able to quickly and accurately diagnose the problem and suggest the right line of treatment. Sometimes that treatment might only require medicine, but it could also mean that the person would be required to undergo ear surgery. This could specifically be needed to help a person hear better, but this kind of doctor might also look into severe and frequent infections or pain.

One of the subspecialties for this kind of doctor is called laryngology. This kind of doctor helps people with voice therapy. For instance if you are a singer and you are having voice troubles, one of those might be nodes on the vocal chords, this is the kind of doctor that would be helping you get better. Nodes form on the vocal chords when they have been misused or strained. Often it is singers and musical theater people that experience this problem. Nodes can actually permanently damage the vocal chords. So if you have this problem, it would be a good idea to see a specialist.

Another subspecialty is the rhinology/sinus doctor. This doctor would be the person that would be helping those that experience sinusitis. They would also be the person that would diagnose and treat allergies. Many allergies are inhaled through the nose, so this is where a doctor comes in. They can help you figure out exactly what you are allergic to and how to best treat those allergies, either by certain allergy pills or inhalers. This kind of doctor would also help a person who experiences apnea and snoring. Many times snoring revolves around the nose and how the air travels through and into the nose while a person is sleeping. This kind of specialty doctor would help the person figure out if there is a major or minor problem. From there they can help them decide what the best course of action is to help alleviate the problem. So if you experience any of these problems, it would be a good idea to seek this kind of specialist.

Our department is well equipped with all state of the art  modern diagnostic and treatment facilities . We have the expertise in primary resections, neck dissections, reconstructive surgeries for oral and throat cancers , cancers of nose and para nasal sinuses, benign and malignant  diseases of salivary glands and thyroid. Our department also has a dedicated speech and swallowing division with expertise in rehabilitation of patient with head and neck cancers