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How can you get rid of your lifelong sinus pain?.


Are you searching about the hospitals conducting advanced sinusitis treatments?

Hurry up to Ascent! We conduct endoscopic sinus surgery to give you faster relief from your lifelong pain.

If the medical treatments that you have undertaken is not reducing your sinus problems, sinus surgery may be workable for your faster relief.

What is endoscopic sinus surgery?

This surgery is done to remove obstructions or blockages in the nose and sinuses. These blockages cause sinusitis, in which sinus mucous membranes swell and become blocked, causing severe pain, drainage and impaired breathing.


Sinusitis treatment

The key aim of sinus surgery is to clear the drainage pathway of the sinuses. Sinus infections should be reduced by broadening the natural drainage pathway of the unhealthy sinuses. Sinus surgery will be helpful to the patients who have obstruction or blockage of their sinuses.

Do you have a problem with inflammation or swelling of the sinus lining mucous membrane. If so, sinus surgery will be effective. Do surgery and get well soon.

Do you suffer from mucous membrane diseases?

Patients with the mucous membrane disease also commonly get better with sinus surgery because the creation of the larger sinus opening will allow better sinus drainage and more medication to get into the sinuses and help to treat the diseased lining.

One of the most important advantages of this surgery is the ability to deliver medications like sprays, rinses and drugs to the lining of the sinuses after they have been opened. Therefore, sinus surgery is the proper treatment for the sinuses who is not responding to medicines.

This endoscopic surgery is usually done for inflammatory and sinus disease. The most common indications of this surgery are:-

Chronic sinusitis

Recurrent sinusitis

Sinus mucoceles

Nasal polyposis

Antrochoanal polyps

Optic nerve decompression

Orbital decompression

Cerebrospinal fluid leak closure

Epistaxis control

Choanal atresia repair


We, Ascent has the best ENT doctor in India to treat your sinusitis. Here, our experienced ENT surgeons perform sinus surgery for you.

How is this surgery done?


Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

An endoscope is used in the nose to get the outlook of the nasal cavity and sinuses. The surgeon finds the natural openings of the sinuses and removes the blockages, which may be polyps or diseased tissue. The natural openings are then enlarged with small instruments which are also placed through the nose. The goal of this surgery is to help to reduce your chronic symptoms.

You might feel pain over the bridge of your nose, behind your eyes, at the top of your mouth, around your teeth or in a combination of these areas before the surgery. But after surgery, you will experience only less facial pain.

After performing this surgery you will get faster relief from pain, can be more productive in your family, at your workplace and above all it improves the quality of your life.