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Words That Heal: Discover the Secrets of Effective Speech Therapy!


Have you ever been in a situation where words blocked you, in front of a crowd, in a classroom, in a meeting or anywhere else? So that you were not able express what you really wanted to communicate.

Once in a life time anyone can be in a situation like this where you’re thoughts or words get blocked. So just think about a kid or an adult with speech and language problems which can be acquired or due to any associated disorders. Just think of family, social and emotional problems faced by them and many more. So there comes the role of a speech and language therapist who can make changes in their life, speech and language therapy can be a key to the world of happiness for those with communication problems.

The real success of speech and language therapy comes when some secrets are followed:

1. Parent/caregiver involvement

Even the child is attending the best therapy session in town, the parents must also get involved in the sessions. The parent who is actively participating in the session along with the therapist can make wonders with the child. Home training will be more easier and those who attend the sessions will be more confident and comfortable if a parent / caregiver is there.

2. Consistent home training

As per the instructions of the therapist regular and consistent home training must be done for great improvements. The parents / caregivers can generalize what is taught in a session and repeated practice can help to achieve the goal faster.

3. Rapport with the therapist

Good interaction of the patient, parent / caregiver with the therapist from the initial sessions itself can make the journey easier and interesting.

4. Regular attendance

Attending therapy sessions regularly helps in the consistent improvements.

5. Understand that each and everyone is different

Every individual will be having different speech and language developments as the problems vary person to person. Some parents / caregivers have a tendency to compare the improvements with others who are attending the sessions. They must understand that improvements are varied according to age, cognition associated problems, parental stimulation motivation, social environment etc. So please do self motivation and notice the differences. Ascent Hospital is one of the best ENT hospitals in India.

6. Patience of parents / caretakers in the journey

Nobody will be having an overnight progress. But believe in yourselves, therapist and kid do proper home training after attending regular therapy sessions and be patient to witness the improvements.

And for a therapist multidisciplinary approach simplifies complex problems. And a therapist can develop their own materials according the patient. Goal based therapy with regular progress monitoring and report maintenance can make the sessions effective. Be generous to each and every one sitting in front. Our dedications is their future.