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Best Tinnitus Treatment in Kerala!

Different Treatments For Tinnitus.

To suffer from intense ringing, buzzing whooshing or tingling in the ears may not make it a severe health condition requiring immediate attention. But as we are sure that you'd agree if you're unlucky enough to experience this disturbing auditory malfunction, it is uncomfortable and annoying just the same. That said, anything that keeps a person from enjoying the best that life has to offer should be addressed with a reasonable degree of importance. If you suffer from tinnitus, the proper treatment for it should be pursued so as not to allow the problem to lessen your quality of life.

As far as tinnitus treatments are concerned, you generally have two fundamental choices - the natural based remedies on the one hand and the medical prescriptions for drug based treatments on the other.

Medical Prescription Based Treatments

1. Niacin

Niacin (otherwise known as vitamin B3) is a popular supplement that doctors prescribe to tinnitus patients. It is thought that tinnitus, which is brought on by having blocked or damaged blood vessels leading to or from your ear, may be improved by using Niacin (nicotinic acid) owing to its vasodilating (enlarging of blood vessels, thus reducing blood pressure properties. Niacin works only as a supplement though with many people still unconvinced as to its effectiveness in helping tinnitus. It is not the drug that is designed to treat or address the actual ringing in the ears.

2. Gabapentin

The two kinds of Gabapentin drug are Gabarone and Neurotin. When taken by a tinnitus patient in the right dosage, it can reduce ringing instances in the ear, thus reducing the annoyance level in the process.

3. Acamprosate

Acamprosate or Campral is yet another drug that can be used as a tinnitus treatment. This is the same drug that is believed to be effective in treating alcoholism. Recent studies have shown that it can be effective when used against tinnitus as well.

Before Treating Yourself You Should Consult with a Doctor!!

These above are the three different prescription or over-the-counter drugs that tinnitus patients can take to alleviate their condition. However, it is strongly advised that the patients seek the aid of the doctor when taking these medications. It is important for the right dosage to be administered. The physician should also properly monitor your condition to make sure that the disease is treated in the fastest yet most holistic way possible way.

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Frequently Asked Questions!!

1) What is the most effective treatment for tinnitus?

Noise-canceling headphones and cognitive behavioral therapy are the best treatments for tinnitus. Tinnitus can be described as a sound in your ears such as ringing, buzzing or whistling.

2) Can tinnitus completely heal?

Tinnitus cannot be treated. Tinnitus is usually not permanent. There are many factors that can determine how long your tinnitus lasts, including your hearing health and the main cause.

3) Why do I have tinnitus in only one ear?

Unilateral tinnitus, which someone experience, can be caused by a tumor of the acoustic nervous. A pattern that sounds like a pulse in one or both of your ears could indicate a blood vessel problem or malformation.