Cochlear Implantation

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We are one of the few empanelled centers of the best cochlear implant surgeon and Cochlear Implant Programs of Kerala Government (Sruthi Tharangam) and Central Government of India (ADIP Scheme).

A Cochlear Implant is an electronic device that replace the diseased inner ear and carry the sound and speech to the hearing nerve and thus to the brain, where we understand the speech and recognize the sounds. This is now considered as the treatment of choice for patients who are severe to profoundly deaf due to damage to the hair cells of cochlea.

Cochlear implant helps you to hear better than a best hearing aid and focus better when in noisy environments. Patients can enjoy music after implant and hear and talk on the phone, and even use their implant processors while swimming. They can feel safer and hear the alarms and the sound of the vehicles.

Cochlear Implant helps to bring a congenitally deaf child to hear the world of hearing and speech. This modern technology also helps to restore hearing in adults when it is lost due to infection, trauma and accidents and due to diseases like meniere's disease and otosclerosis.