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What is Hearing Loss?

Sense of hearing connects people socially. Any impairment in this sense results in significant social handicap and reduces quality of life of individuals. It is a common problem affecting the young and the old. Hence it is essential to promptly and correctly evaluate patients in all age groups with suspected hearing loss and provide them with the best treatment available.

Hearing loss can be conductive when there is obstruction in conduction of sound from external environment to inner ear. It can be due to problems in external ear like anotia, microtia, external auditory canal stenosis, atresia, impacted cerumen, wax keratosis and myringosclerosis. Hearing loss can also be due to conditions of middle ear like otitis media with effusion, chronic otitis media with ossicular erosions, otosclerosis and ossicular discontinuity secondary to causes like trauma.

Hearing loss can also be sensorineural as in presbycusis, Meniere's disease, post traumatic and noise induced hearing loss, ototoxicity and vestibular schwannomas, post infectious viral cause and idiopathic causes, which are not well defined. Such types of hearing loss may be associated with disturbing symptom of tinnitus, which also needs careful understanding, evaluation and treatment or rehabilitation. Hearing loss can also be secondary to tumours occluding external ear or middle ear like glomus tympanicus, which is accompanied by symptom of pulsatile tinnitus, and other rare temporal bone malignancies

Hearing loss should be evaluated in a well-planned manner giving significance to the age of the patient. In a young child early recognition of hearing loss is very important since it provides means for speech and communication in future life. The main concern in a child with delayed speech development is the presence of good hearing.

Hearing loss in a child that needs immediate treatment is otherwise called permanent childhood hearing impairment which needs surgery/ auditory rehabilitation at the earliest. It can be congenital or can be secondary to infections immediate post partum or ototoxicity. Thorough evaluation of childhood hearing loss should be done by otoendoscopy and audiologic test battery which includes universal screening by OAE, impedance audiometry and confirmation of hearing loss by BERA and advanced audiometric analysis by ASSR. Audiometric testing by trained personnel in suitable test environments is essential to pick up the cause of hearing loss

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