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What is Hearing Loss?

The ears are delicate structures that are prone to damage when not taken care of properly. Not taking good care of the ears can lead to hearing loss. Loud noises are the culprit for ear damage. The risk of listening damage primarily depends on the severity of noise and your exposure to it.

Subjection to noise above 85 decibels for a long period of time could eventually lead to listening damage and earshot loss. Preventing hearing loss should be the top priority. As the famous saying goes, "prevention is better than cure."

How to prevent hearing loss?

Limit your exposure to noisy environments, especially when watching television or listening to music. If you have young children, the more you need to tone down the noise as the ears of children are sensitive to loud sounds.

If you are using a headphone, make sure that you have the one that has the ability to block outside noise. This helps keep the volume to a minimum level. These headphones are usually labelled as noise cancelling headphones.

When exposed to a noisy environment, you have to wear ear protection equipment. A perfect example is the ear muffs or ear plugs. Those who are working in a noisy environment or operating a noisy machine should also wear ear protection equipment. This is to somehow tone down the noise that gets into the ears.

Avoid inserting sharp objects in your ears. You should be cautious when cleaning your ear with a cotton bud. Too much pressure in the ear could damage the ear canal and ear drum, which could lead to listening loss.

Some ear infections cause earshot loss if not treated right away. Examples of ear infections include otitis media and Meniere's disease.

If your child is complaining of ear pain or just having a hard time hearing, then you have to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Early detection of ear problems is the key to preventing hearing loss.

Know the Hearing Loss Treatment in Kerala!

Hearing Loss in kerala treatment primarily depends on the root cause of the problem as well as the severity of the hearing loss. There are various ways to address the problem of hearing loss and they include the following:

1) Removal of ear blockage - One of the reasons why you are having difficulty hearing is that there is something blocking in your ears. Most of the time, the earwax is blocking the ear canal which disrupts your hearing ability. What the doctor does is he will remove the earwax by loosening it with oil. Using the right equipment, the doctor will suction out the softened earwax.

2) Surgery - A surgical procedure is necessary if you are suffering from traumatic ear injury or ear infection. The proper surgical procedure depends on the doctor's assessment of the general condition of the patient.

3) Hearing aid - The damage in the inner ear can cause earshot loss. To correct this problem, a hearing aid is used. What the hearing aid does is it makes the sounds stronger thereby making it easier for you to hear it. There are various types of hearing aids and the audiologist will be the one to determine the right type of listing aid for your condition.

4) Cochlear implants - For people experiencing severe earshot loss, the best solution is cochlear implant. It compensates for the damage of the non-functional part of the ear. It does come with so many advantages and a few disadvantages. One of which is the expensive cost of a cochlear implant. Your ear doctor will discuss everything to you should you wish to proceed with a cochlear implant.

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