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Best Doctor For Ear Infection!

What is Ear Infection?

Infections in the ear is one of the most common problem by which a patient comes to any ENT hospital or ENT specialist. It results in symptoms like severe pain, ear discharge, hard of hearing, tinnitus and sense of imbalance. Understanding the associated symptomatology in detail is essential for the proper diagnosis and treatment.

Ear infections occur in the external ear, middle ear or inner ear and can be bacterial, viral or fungal in nature. Some common outer ear conditions are furunculosis, otitis externa, Myringitis, Otomycosis( fungal infection of the ear), preauricular or auricular sinus infections, perichondritis and pinna abscess. Acute and chronic otitis media are middle ear infections and serous / suppurative labyrinthitis are the infections in the inner ear.

Malignant otitis externa or skull base osteomyelitis is a bone eroding infection caused by pseudimonas in immunocompromised individuals especially in poorly controlled diabetic patients which initially starts in the external ear and can progress to bone erosion and multiple cranial nerve palsies. Another infection is Herpes Zoster which may also lead to facial nerve palsy.

Ear infections can also be a pointer to infections originating from other areas like parotid and abscesses in the neck like branchial sinus abscess. It also serves as a warning sign to intracranial infections like meningitis and brain abscess in chronic otitis media.

Ear infections may lead to complications inside and outside the limits of temporal bone like mastoid abscess, labyrinthitis, petrositis, facial nerve palsy (intra temporal complications), meningitis, brain abscess, sigmoid sinus thrombosis and otitis hydrocephalus (intra cranial complications).

Therefore evaluation of ear infections should include not only identifying the cause but also ruling out complications. Prompt clinical history and examination should be aided by investigations like otoendoscopy, examination under microscope, pus culture and sensitivity, audiologic evaluation and temporal bone analysis by radiology whenever indicated.

Ascent ENT hospital has the best doctor for treatment of ear infections in Kerala. The hospital where standard clinical evaluation is complimented by all the essential otologic investigations like otoendoscopy, microscopic examination, well equipped audiology department with all audiometric tests like pure tone audiometry, impedance audiometry and facility for temporal bone Cone Beam CT. Hence it is assumed that no diagnosis is missed

Ascent hospital also provides the best treatment currently available for ear infections. It is a centre that does maximum number of otologic surgeries utilizing the experience and expertise of doyens in this field. Right from office procedures like endoscopic suction clearance to pre auricular sinus excision, tympanoplasty and mastoid surgeries, the centre also do surgeries to treat various complications due to ear infection like facial nerve decompression. The hospital also provides best medical and surgical management of secondary complications due to ear infections like mastoid abscess and perichondritis

Mastoid surgeries include exenteration of all accessible mastoid air cells and removal of middle ear pathology with or without reconstruction of hearing loss. It can be performed as cortical mastoidectomy, intact canal wall or canal wall down mastoidectomy according to disease extend. Surgeries are done with an aim to provide dry ear, to prevent future infections and restore hearing loss resulted from the chronic ear disease. The centre also excels in the expert surgical management of extensive cholesteatoma cases including revision mastoid surgeries. With respect to otologic surgeries Ascent provides the best surgical outcome