Anterior Skull Base Surgery Treatment in Calicut

At ascent we provide multidisciplinary expertise to pathology of the anterior skull base. As with the lateral skull base surgery , we are committed to the team approach and believe that our patients benefit from the synergy of ENT and neurosurgeons working together whenever necessary.

 Anterior Skull base surgery may be done to remove both noncancerous and cancerous growths, and abnormalities on the underside of the brain, the skull base such  as meningiomaspituitary tumors, juvenile angiofibromas, chordomas, and esthesioneuroblastomas. We also treat patients with non-tumorous conditions, such as cerebrospinal fluid fistulas and mucoceles. Because this is such a difficult area to see and reach, skull base surgery may be done by a minimally invasive endoscopic procedure. In this procedure, the surgeon inserts instruments through the natural openings in the skull—the nose .Before endoscopic skull base surgery was developed, the only way to remove growths in this area of the body was by making an opening in the skull. In some cases, this type of surgery may be needed.

Our surgeons are internationally trained in this area including our senior surgeon Dr Sharafudeen who was trained in anterior skull base surgeries under the guidance of well known figures in this field like  Prof. Stammberger from Graz, Austria and Dr Raymonds Sacks, Australia.

When you are diagnosed with a tumour in your sinuses, nose, pituitary gland, we understand that you may feel anxious.  We assure you that our team at ascent has the experience and skill to provide you with the best treatment for your condition

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