Allergy Solutions

Nasal allergy causing distress?  

Allergic disorders affect around 10 to 30%  of the population. The most effective treatment for allergic rhinitis is avoidance of contact with the allergen (substance causing allergic response ). Intradermal or intracutaneous allergy skin test is employed in our institution to detect the sensitivity  of the individual to aeroallergens. These aero allergens are the main cause for allergic rhinitis, asthma and allergic conjunctivitis.  Testing for food allergy is also done in our institution. These tests can be very helpful in specifically identifying causes of allergies. Separate skin test kits are available for adults and children. These tests are performed in the presence of an Allergy specialist. These tests are simple and take about one hour. The person has to avoid contact with the allergen and if that is not possible, then a medication for allergy is prescribed. Immunotherapy can be used as the last resort.

We have the best allergy center in calicut - allergy specialists in our department to deal with the cases of allergic disorders. Our best allergy treatment in calicut - allergy specialists are highly qualified and experienced enough to give the effective medical treatment for various kinds of allergic problems in ENT areas. Some allergies affecting the ear, nose and throat are rhinitis; infection in the ear canal; sore throat; sniffing; sneezing; nasal congestion; cough; itchy nose; watery, red, itchy swollen eyes.
We do allergy test, nasal endoscopy to rule out nasal polyps and sinusitis as a part of long term nasal allergy