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      Department of ENT

      Ascent offers finest Snoring treatment in India and throat, head and neck surgery

      Salute and say goodbye to snoring!

      Have a good sleep!

      Have a good time!

      We provide successful snoring treatment in India. Snoring is noise produced by the vibration of respiratory structures. It results due to obstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping. Overweight, age, nasal and sinus problems, alcohol, smoking, medications and sleep posture also result in snoring. Lifestyle changes, bedtime remedies and weight reduction can relieve snoring to some extent.

      We carry out treatments like:-

      Coblation assisted Palatoplasty, Tonsillectomy, Endoscopic Adenoidectomy:

      Clear the airway by removing abnormalities.

      Coblation assisted uvulopalatoplasty:

      It shortens the uvula and makes cuts in the palate on either side. As the cut heals, the surrounding tissues stiffen to prevent vibrations that trigger snoring. Surgeon may remove your tonsils also.

      Palatal implants:

      This is a less in vasive procedure to treat snoring. It helps people who are suffering from mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea.


      It is inserting plastic implants into the soft palate to reduce snoring. It reduces habitual snoring by stiffening tissues of uvula and soft palate. It uses very low levels of radiofrequency heat energy.


      It corrects speech problems in children also with cleft palate. It aims at effective communication of children with cleft lip and palate. It corrects too much of air escaping through the nose during speech.

      Uvulo palato pharyngo plasty:

      This is a surgical procedure to remove tissue or remodel tissue in the throat, that cause obstruction of your airway and cause snoring.

      Coblation surgery for snoring:

      It is an advanced technology that quickly brings snoring under control. It is not a heat driven process. We are the first center to start this technology in South Malabar. Here surgeon reduce the bulk of tissue which actually causing the airway block and thus causing snoring.


      This surgery is done to straighten the nasal septum.


      Here the surgeon reduces the size of your turbinates and thus improve the nasal airway and reduce your nose block

      We also conduct the following throat, head and neck surgeries:-

    • Salivary Gland surgery
    • Head and Neck cancer surgery
    • Surgery for Voice changes
    • Thyroid Surgery
    • Laryngeal surgery
    • Injection laryngoplasty for paralysed vocal cords

      First exclusive ENT hospital in south Malabar

      Ascent is an exclusive ENT super specialty center, offers a one-stop comprehensive service for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the complete range of ear, nose, throat, head and neck disorders. We are passionate about providing the premier standards of ENT care, be it having the finest doctors, cutting edge technology and nursing with a smile. As the meaning of the word 'ascent' implies, we are climbing to the summit in ENT Care revolution. Our surgeons are experts within their specialties and offer rapid valuation, diagnosis and treatment with high clinical outcomes.