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      Department of ENT

      Take Hearing Loss Treatment; Wake Up From Your Disability!

      Correct hearing loss, hear everything!

      We provide effective hearing loss treatment. If you have conductive hearing loss, it is temporary and curable. You can find relief from sensorineural hearing loss by hearing aid.

      We use the latest technologies in hearing aids.

    • IIC : - Invisible in the canal
    • CIC :- Completely in the canal
    • DISC :- Deep Insertion Stock CIC
    • ITC :- In the canal
    • ITE :- In the ear
    • BTE : - Behind the ear
    • We are well versed with all surgeries to improve your hearing.

      Cochlear Implantation:

      Cochlear Implantation provides a sense of sound to the patients who are deaf or severely hard of hearing. It does the work of the damaged parts of the inner ear.

      Stapedectomy and Stapedotomy :

      It is a micro surgical procedure of the middle ear done to improve hearing in patients with otosclerosis where the stapes bone is fixed and not mobile. The surgery can be done through the ear canal without any scar or cut.

      Bone conduction implantation including BAHA:

      Bone conduction implants are conducted when transmission of sound to the inner ear is impeded. BAHA is useful when your hearing is lost in one ear due to any cause.

      Tympano Mastoid Surgeries:

      Infection to the middle ear leads to infection to the mastoid bone which lies behind the ear and the cells in it fill with pus and granulation. If the antibiotics cannot cure the infection, surgery may be needed. We perform all types of tympanomastoid surgeries to clear the disease and provide a dry ear with better hearing.

      Myringotomy and Grommet:

      Myringotomy is done to clear the serous fluid accumulated in the middle ear. We make tiny hole in the eardrum. Grommet, a small tube made of Teflon or Titanium are inserted in to your ear drum, which will come out in due course.


      It repairs, reconstructs and improves the movement of the tiny bones of hearing in the middle ear. These tiny bones may be damaged in patients with chronic ear discharge.

      Middle ear Implant:

      Middle ear implant is a small device which is inserted in the middle ear. It helps the patients who suffer from hearing loss, but are not able to manage with conventional hearing aids. It transmits sound to the inner ear.

      Facial nerve decompression surgery:

      This surgery is done to patients who suffer from facial paralysis where the nerve is severely injured or compressed, due to trauma or middle ear disease or tumors.

      Surgery for vertigo:

      In perilymph fistula, surgery is used to plug a leak in the inner ear.

      In microvascular compression syndrome, surgery may be used to separate the offending blood vessel from vestibular nerve.

      In Meniere’s syndrome, surgery is done to decompress the endolymphatic sac.

      Ossicular reconstruction with titanium implant:

      Titanium implants are used to reconstruct the ossicular chain of the middle ear in chronic otitis media. We are one of the few centres in India, using maximum number of titanium implants in the middle ear to restore hearing in patients who have hearing loss due to long term ear discharge and ear infection.

      First exclusive ENT hospital in south Malabar

      Ascent is an exclusive ENT super specialty center, offers a one-stop comprehensive service for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the complete range of ear, nose, throat, head and neck disorders. We are passionate about providing the premier standards of ENT care, be it having the finest doctors, cutting edge technology and nursing with a smile. As the meaning of the word 'ascent' implies, we are climbing to the summit in ENT Care revolution. Our surgeons are experts within their specialties and offer rapid valuation, diagnosis and treatment with high clinical outcomes.