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      A Guide to Cochlear Implantation February 26,2018

      Cochlear implantation
      While hearing aids work for most people with hearing loss, there are people with severe to profound hearing loss for whom hearing aids are not advantageous. People with severe damage to the sensory cells in the inner ear need cochlear implants to hear better. These tiny Cochlear implants are a class apart from hearing aids! Hearing aids enhance hearing of people with residual hearing ability by amplifying sounds. The Cochlear implants provide the sense of sound by stimulating the auditory nerve

      All Health Risks About Snoring That You Want To KnowJanuary 2,2018

      snoring treatment India
      Whether snoring makes your life horrible? Have your friends teased you due to your various snoring sounds? When you are on the train, have co- travelers laughed at your snoring sound? Don’t worry about snoring. We, Ascent provides best snoring treatment in India. According to studies, 40 percent of the men and 24 percent of the women are habitual snorers. After the age of 70, men usually snore less. Many people ignore snoring and does not take treatment, considering it as silly. Snoring not only

      Hearing Loss Bothering You? Do Not Lose Heart!December 10,2017

      Hearing Loss Treatment
      Living with hearing loss is not easy! You are not alone, go in for hearing loss treatment & get back to living a fuller life! Help is available take action now! It is not an impossible task, but often can be managed! Why not go in for a check-up at the Ascent ENT Hospital? A name synonymous with quality in ENT care. Our experts excel at hearing loss treatments, sinus problems, ear infections and more. Today hearing loss has become a common

      How can you get rid of your lifelong sinus pain?November 2,2017

      Endoscopic Sinus Surgery for Sinusitis
      Are you searching about the hospitals conducting advanced sinusitis treatments? Hurry up to Ascent! We conduct endoscopic sinus surgery to give you faster relief from your lifelong pain. If the medical treatments that you have undertaken is not reducing your sinus problems, sinus surgery may be workable for your faster relief. What is endoscopic sinus surgery? This surgery is done to remove obstructions or blockages in the nose and sinuses. These blockages cause sinusitis, in which sinus mucous membranes swell and become blocked, causing

      Can Headphones Damage Your Teen's Hearing?March 1,2016

      teens hearing loss from loud music
      Are you hearing anything what I say?? As a mom, do you often, tell your daughter and son to remove their headphones, so you can speak to them? Have you angrily thought of removing their headphones from their ears? At present, 1 in 5 teens has some form of hearing loss or ear damage, a rate higher than the past, which many experts believe that it is due to the increased use of headphones or iPods. Let me explain what you can do

      First exclusive ENT hospital in south Malabar

      Ascent is an exclusive ENT super specialty center, offers a one-stop comprehensive service for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the complete range of ear, nose, throat, head and neck disorders. We are passionate about providing the premier standards of ENT care, be it having the finest doctors, cutting edge technology and nursing with a smile. As the meaning of the word 'ascent' implies, we are climbing to the summit in ENT Care revolution. Our surgeons are experts within their specialties and offer rapid valuation, diagnosis and treatment with high clinical outcomes.