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      Department of ENT


      Ascent's audiology & capital speech language pathology division provides a comprehensive approach to hearing disorders and voice problems for patient of all age. this department is one of the best advanced and well equipped department in the state, that provide highly reliable and accurate modern diagnostic results and treatment of various communication disorders. ascent has a dedicated team of auditory verbal hatilitationist's for cochlear implant recipients.


    • New born hearing screening
    • Hearing test for children & adult
    • Most advanced digital and programmable hearing aid evaluation and fitting
    • pure tone audiometry with speech audiometry
    • Tympanometry with Reflexometry
    • Special tests including spin
    • ABR , MLR , LLR evaluation
    • ASSR evaluation
    • DPOAE's and TEOAE's evaluation
    • EABR for post cochlear implant evaluation
    • ECochG for cochlear function evaluation
    • Balance clinic
    • Video Nystagmography
    • VEMP for evaluation of balance disorders, First in Kerala
    • Professional voice clinic
    • VAGMI & PRAT :- Computerised professional voice evaluation system
    • Rehabilitation of post cochlear implantees
    • Voice therapy
    • Assessment and management of various communication disorders
    • Dysphagia management
    • Tinnitus retaining therapy (TRT)
    • Preventive care of hearing loss

      First exclusive ENT hospital in south Malabar

      Ascent is an exclusive ENT super specialty center, offers a one-stop comprehensive service for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the complete range of ear, nose, throat, head and neck disorders. We are passionate about providing the premier standards of ENT care, be it having the finest doctors, cutting edge technology and nursing with a smile. As the meaning of the word 'ascent' implies, we are climbing to the summit in ENT Care revolution. Our surgeons are experts within their specialties and offer rapid valuation, diagnosis and treatment with high clinical outcomes.